Moving in

It can be a lot to think about when it's time to move. Here we have gathered tips and advice that we believe can help you when it is time to move into your new apartment. Good luck!
Terminate in time
Terminate your old apartment as soon as possible. If you live in a rental apartment, the notice period is usually three months. When it is time to move, you must leave the apartment no later than 12 o'clock on the first weekday of the month, unless you have agreed otherwise with the landlord.

Address Change
When you move, you must report to the Swedish Tax Agency so that you get the correct population registration address. Make your application in advance or at the latest one week after the move. The Swedish Tax Agency disseminates your new address to many authorities and companies, but if you wish to have another mail forwarded, you can order it from Swedish address change for a fee.
You who live in an apartment should be registered in the apartment. The apartment number is part of your address and consists of four digits showing the floor and where on the floor the apartment is located. You can find the apartment number at the entrance to the house, on your front door, on your mailbox or in your contract.
If you are a resident or rent an apartment in the other, you should not enter c / o in your transfer notification. You should make sure your name is on the door and on the mailbox in the entrance if there is one

Home insurance
If you do not already have home insurance, we recommend that you get one. It is a good protection in case of fire, theft or water damage. You who already have home insurance should move it to your new address and ensure that the insurance amount is large enough.

TV, internet and electricity
Order relocation of telephone and internet subscriptions.
You are automatically connected to VEAB power grids

Lock your storage room and make sure you do not store theft-proof property or valuables in the storage room.
Report faults in apartment
When you move in, the apartment is inspected by us, but should you still discover errors or defects, it is important that you contact us. 

Common questions

  • Questions when moving in?

    When moving in, the apartment is inspected by us. Check your apartment and contact us within 7 days if you have any objections or comments on the condition of the apartment. Immediately put a padlock on your new storage room. When you cancel your apartment, you can book an inspection via our website in the link under:


  • When do I get my keys?

    Contact for key collection information.

  • How do I make a change of address?

    Change the address and request the mail forward in good time. You can submit your application to the Swedish Tax Agency. Keep in mind that the apartment has a four-digit number, so-called official apartment number, which will be used for address change. The number can be found on the rental contract.

  • When should I pay my rent?

    As a tenant, you are obliged to pay the rent regardless of whether you have received a rental certificate or not. We send out rental leases on an ongoing basis by e-mail or printout in the mailbox.
    If you have lost your invoicei, you can log into "My pages" to access it.
    If you do not pay the rent on time, the matter is sent directly to Visma Collectors for handling, which entails a cost. Recurring late payments can cause you to lose your rental contract and your home.