Common questions

  • Questions when moving in?

    When moving in, the apartment is inspected by us. Check your apartment and contact us within 7 days if you have any objections or comments on the condition of the apartment. Immediately put a padlock on your new storage room. When you cancel your apartment, you can book an inspection via our website in the link under:


  • When do I get my keys?

    Contact for key collection information.

  • How do I make a change of address?

    Change the address and request the mail forward in good time. You can submit your application to the Swedish Tax Agency. Keep in mind that the apartment has a four-digit number, so-called official apartment number, which will be used for address change. The number can be found on the rental contract.

  • When should I pay my rent?

    As a tenant, you are obliged to pay the rent regardless of whether you have received a rental certificate or not. We send out rental leases on an ongoing basis by e-mail or printout in the mailbox.
    If you have lost your invoicei, you can log into "My pages" to access it.
    If you do not pay the rent on time, the matter is sent directly to Visma Collectors for handling, which entails a cost. Recurring late payments can cause you to lose your rental contract and your home.

  • What should I think about when it comes to home insurance?

    Home insurance is an important protection for those who live in rental housing. To avoid being hit by financial losses in the event of a fire, burglary or water damage, make sure you have home insurance. You risk being liable for damages, for example, if your aquarium starts to leak and there is damage to your apartment or neighbor's property. Do not store stolen property in basement or attic storage.

  • Do I need to subscribe for an electricity subscription myself?

    As a tenant at Stubor, you are automatically connected to the VEAB Växjö electricity network.

  • Who delivers TV and broadband?

    The majority of our apartments have access to cable TV via the regular TV socket.  
    Contact your supplier to find out what is included in your basic range.

    Contact the operator that suits you to subscribe

  • What do I do if there is a problem or problem in my apartment?

    If there is a damage or fault in your apartment, you must immediately report this in My pages.

    You easily report via "My pages" and you will be contacted by our service department.
    If an acute water damage or drainage stoppage is detected in the apartment after 10 p.m. 16:00 weekdays or weekends you can call on call number 070-892 4699.
    Weekdays you can email

  • What about waste sorting?

    Sort your garbage according to the instructions in the garbage room. All packaging that is thrown away must be cleaned and folded to take up as little space as possible. The garbage should be disposed of in designated containers. You can transport other coarse garbage to your nearest recycling center for sorting. This also applies when moving in and out.

  • Can I renovate my apartment?

    Any type of change in the apartment must go through the landlord.
    No holes may be made in the wet room wallpaper in the bathroom. Painting of walls or pipes is not allowed without contact with the landlord before. In Stubor's apartments you can make a maximum of 4 holes, in addition to the above you are charged a cost of 200 SEK per hole. Filters at the fan above the stove must be cleaned (washed) once / month.

  • My neighbors are disturbed by playing loud music, who can I contact?

    Always start by contacting your neighbor yourself - he may not know that the music is disturbing the neighbors. If the problem persists, you can send an e-mail to where you write down what apartment it is, what days and times you experienced the disturbance. Then we inform the person that the neighbors are disturbed and that according to the Tenancy Act it is not allowed to disturb their neighbors. If the problem persists, a warning is issued and at a later stage the tenant may lose his lease.

  • I want to rent out my apartment in the second place - what about?

    If you are considering renting out your apartment in the alternative, you must contact Stubor. It is absolutely forbidden to rent in the second place without your landlord's permission. This can lead to the termination of your home and also to legal proceedings. For questions about secondhand, please contact

  • I want to cancel my apartment

    You have three calendar months’ notice period according to the lease. When you want to cancel your home, you send e-mail to together with your name, social security number and apartment number.

    Inspection must be done later than 12:00 on the first weekday of the next month or by arrangement. Booking of inspection must be done on book an inspection.
    The apartment must be vacated, cleaned and the keys handed over at the inspection.
    See brochure "Cleaning tips"
    Uncleaned apartment is charged a cleaning cost of SEK 400 per hour. You will receive information on moving cleaning when you cancel your home.